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Pairing you with a native English-speaking editor with expertise in your subject area, our English Language Editing service saves you time and improves your chances of acceptance. We offer three different service options: Standard, Advance and Premium Editing.

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Plan You pay  
24 hrs USD 395.00 Place Order
2 days USD 247.00 Place Order
4 days USD 167.00 Place Order

Word Count Price TAT 
Upto 6000 words $1500 6 business days
Above 6000 words $ 0.25 USD per word 6 business day + 1 day per 600 words

Our Academic Translation service provides you with a translated manuscript that communicates your research in clear and correct English, retaining your original voice and meaning.

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Plan You pay  
2 days USD 368.00 Place Order
12 days USD 219.00 Place Order

Whether you need stunning artwork to capture your readers’ attention or intricate illustrations to clearly communicate complex concepts, our Academic Illustration service turns your ideas into quality figures and illustrations for your article.

You pay $600.00
Delivery time 10 Days

Our Figure Formatting service revises and formats your figures to meet the journal’s technical artwork guidelines, such as figure size, resolution, colors, labelling, and file formats.

You pay $70.00
Delivery time 2 Images/Day

Our Graphical Abstract Design service converts your article into a visually engaging and scientifically precise graphical abstract, that clearly communicates your findings and meets all the artwork requirements of your chosen journal.

You pay $350.00
Delivery time 5 Days

Our Journal Recommendation service takes the guesswork out of choosing the right journal, recommending 3 to 5 relevant journals for your article – from across a variety of publishers.

You pay $220.00
Delivery time 4 Days

Our Manuscript Formatting service ensures your manuscript meets all the format, language, and citation and reference styles of your chosen journal.

You pay $150.00
Delivery time 1 Day

(Note: The delivery date will be customized for documents that are above 10,000 words)

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